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My Great Results with Lifestyle Lift

I had the lifestyle lift done January 12th. 2009...

I had the lifestyle lift done January 12th. 2009.  I have been told by friends and family that I have aged well, but being 60 years old I did have some areas of concern.  My jaw line was no longer firm and my neck was showing definate signs of age.

My results were stunning!  I have beeen so pleased and would urge anyone who is considering having this procedure to check your Dr.'s credentials.  Find out how long he/she has been doing the Lifestyle Lift.  Don't be afraid to ask questions, and above all have realistic expectations.  I found the staff and Dr. at Lifestyle Lift to be excellent and I would rate them all an A+.

The surgery itself took a little bit over an hour.  There is some minimal pain and swelling at first which is to be expected.  This is a surgical  procedure.  Having met and talked to other women who have undergone this procedure I did not meet anyone who said they would not do it again,  I guess the last thing I would add is to have positive mental attitude about your results and they will be just that, positive!

Good luck to all, remember to do your homework and your results will be what you anticipated.

Dr. Filiberto Maitland, Fl. office

Dr. Filiberto has been doing this type of surgery since the 1970's. He took a long time answering questions during the consultation so you knew what to expect completely. He also gave you time to ask questions and address any concerns.

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Be blessed that you survived your surgery with this Dr. Recently a woman about your age was not so fortunate.
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rick seattle...true...but there are the positive stories..and seriously, we cant all look like angelina jolie...!
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syan....congrats on ur results! like u said check ur doctor's credentials and expect some discomfort....im sure there is some pain involved....ive had four children...nothing is more painful than childbirth!! :))
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Another thing... one thing that all the ladies that had great results say: It took only about an hour. The ladies that had bad results always say it took over 2 & 1/2 to 3 & 1/2 hours. I do not know what the difference is or why the ones with good results take only 1 hour and we that have bad results take much longer or are we getting the entire story???? Just wondering. Chrystal
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I, like so many others, am disappointed with my lift results. As I read more and more unhappy campers, I wonder why hasn't anyone begun a class action lawsuit? I am seeking legal advice in this matter. Let me know if you are interested.
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Dear Syan, Any time that SIXTY PER CENT of the respondents give thumbs down on a chain like LSL, you had better think twice about having surgery with a company like LSL. This is your face we're talking about! A 40% success rate means that YOU are taking a 60 PER CENT RISK of having bad surgery. That, plus LSL's sloppy short-cut procedure means you'll be left with vertical scars in front of your ears. Pay the extra $2 to $4,000 and have a skilled plastic surgeon do your facelift. Ask doctors (more than one doctor) at local hospitals who they personally would recommend to perform the surgery
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Be VERY careful with Lifestyle Lift. If you look on the internet, you will find many, many, many dissatisfied patients.
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I am glad that your lift went well for you. But, do not assume from any of the folks here that had BAD results that we did not do our homework. I did my homework, but was unfortunate in the fact that the Dr. that did my lift was not one of the doctors that has good results for his patients. I wish my results had been better & that the LSL home office had better customer relations. If they had, we would not be on this forum trying to warn women about the this procedure. I hope your results are long lasting and that down the road you don't have the same drooping effect that others have had. Best to you, Chrystal.
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