My First Treatment, May Do Another

I had my first fraxel treatment yesterday (I had a...

I had my first fraxel treatment yesterday (I had a test patch done months earlier and no problem at all) I bought a package of 5 treatments for 3500.00. The technician applied a numbing gel which I loved and then offered me a percocet and half an ativan..i just took half the ativan as I didnt want pain meds. WOW..Do not get this done without pain meds! It felt like a hot sewing needles scratching down my face and I could barely get through it. I took meds halfway through and then it started to feel less painful. I would also recommend not getting this done if you are on or nearing your menses if you are sensitive as this can make you more sensitive to the procedure. I was able to have cold air blown on my face while the trx was being done and also kept it blowing cool on my face for 20 min after the procedure.

The evening after I had no pain or swelling..I was given a great healing gel to apply for the next few skin is smooth and it looks like i have a slight sunburn but easily could cover with makeup. Do not use any retinol, gycolic or AHAs a few days before getting fraxel.

I am 43 and have some blotchy red areas on nose and cheeks like broken blood vessels and some sun damage spots and was told fraxel does not work as well on red spots..this was a surprise to me as I had been told it does work on red spots so i dont know what to think. I would like to get another trx and will definitely take pain medication.


Thanks for the update! Good luck with your next appt. as well. My puffiness under my eyes has just about gone away, I only have a little puffiness in my cheeks and my face is still quite red, but I actually went out and taught my fitness classes yesterday and today. Yesterday, I had to wear sunshades though, because my eyes were so puffy. I do have some samples of the retinol but can't resume using that until it's been a week since my treatment. I will see if my doc. office has the Vit. C serum. I bet I could get some cheaper at a health food store, you think? Also, I'm on the Obaji clear to prevent the hyperpigmentation, I need to find out if I have to stay on that permanently! KEEP ME POSTED!
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Im so glad to hear your 2nd appt went well! I am going to get my 2nd in a couple of weeks. I havent had any peeling..2 small pimples but that was it. I was advised to use vitamin c serum (I have used it regularily for the last 2 yrs) and I use Obaji Clear as well as Obaji Blender (Combined with a small amount of retinol) You should ask at your next visit if they can give you retinol samples? I got some a while back and I combine with with Obaji Blender. I can really see the benefits of using retinol..especially around eye area..I use it once a week as if i use it more than that I get some peeling..I use the Obaji vitamin c serum which is awesome..there are also other good quality brands out there..Vit C is something I will always can really see the benefits of how good it is for the skin..I hope you try some and I am sure you will love it too! I will keep you posted on my 2nd fraxel appt, take care!
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Hi Susy, Well, all went well yesterday with my 2nd Fraxel treatment. She turned the setting up just a notch and I could feel the difference, it just felt a little more prickly but nothing unbearable! I did have it done a week early, normally my appts. need to be spaced out every 6 weeks because of my skin type (olive) skin. My face is swollen today, mostly puffy around the eyes and I'm red but not too bad! The nurse gave me some of that Vit. C serum too. and I use the Obaji Clear as well and some Neova for the redness. Where do you normally buy the Vit. C serum? I had minimum peeling, just a little around my chin before...but I did get tiny pimples on my chin/cheek that went away in a few days...keep me posted and I appreciate all your positive feedback!
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I think it all comes down to making sure you are getting trx from skilled people who know how to do the procedures

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