My Face Looks So Much Fresher

I had drooping eyelids and wanted to get a lift. I...

I had drooping eyelids and wanted to get a lift. I heard about my doctor from a friend and read about him on his website. He prepared me well for my surgery, so I knew what to expect.

The surgery came with its complications but he handled them like a pro. My face looks so much fresher now. It’s been a year and I’m glad I took the decision to opt for my surgery.

Dr. Joseph Bauer

I had minor complications, but Dr Bauer handled them like a pro. I was impressed with his expertise and bedside manner. Also by the caring attitude of his staff.

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What complications did you experience?
  • Reply are in the same area as I am! How long did the bruising last? How long was it before you could go out in public?
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could you tell me the name of your doctor. it would be very helpful thank you!
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Hi Leanna, Doctor information appears above the review. You must be signed in to view; this requires free registration for an account.
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