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My Experiences with Restylane

I've tried Restylane several times for various...

I've tried Restylane several times for various areas of my face: around the eyes, vertical frown lines from nostrils to lips, on my chin for ( ) lines.

Each time the amount of down time far exceeded what the doctor said it would be. The first time, I thought it was because I did it combined with Botox. The second time, I left off the Botox and blamed the long down time on having too much done at once. The third time...well I can't remember.

Basically, I was always giving myself 2 weeks to look good before a big event, but 2 weeks isn't always enough. Sure, after a month, the results are good. But what working woman can afford to take 2 weeks off every 6 months for this procedure?

Believe me, if you bruise easily, you will not want to leave the house -- even wearing heavy pancake makeup. Keep in mind that my cosmetic surgeon is very good, and very gentle. I have had many surgical procedures done by him. In fact, a facelift has the same amount of down time, and it lasts 7-10 years!


I would also like to know the Dr. you used in Arlington. I'm planning on having Restylane injections in Dec.

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I also llive in Arlington, looking for a doctor who does this procedure.. I would love to know the name of your doctor? Thank you!
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May I ask who your doctor is? I live in the area and wanted to get some lip injections done and wasn't sure who I should go to. Thank you for the referral!
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Name not provided

If you don't have to work or don't mind using ALL your vacation time on this procedure, I'd say do it.

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