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My Experiences with Restylane

I've tried Restylane several times for various...

I've tried Restylane several times for various areas of my face: around the eyes, vertical frown lines from nostrils to lips, on my chin for ( ) lines.

Each time the amount of down time far exceeded what the doctor said it would be. The first time, I thought it was because I did it combined with Botox. The second time, I left off the Botox and blamed the long down time on having too much done at once. The third time...well I can't remember.

Basically, I was always giving myself 2 weeks to look good before a big event, but 2 weeks isn't always enough. Sure, after a month, the results are good. But what working woman can afford to take 2 weeks off every 6 months for this procedure?

Believe me, if you bruise easily, you will not want to leave the house -- even wearing heavy pancake makeup. Keep in mind that my cosmetic surgeon is very good, and very gentle. I have had many surgical procedures done by him. In fact, a facelift has the same amount of down time, and it lasts 7-10 years!

I would also like to know the Dr. you used in Arlington. I'm planning on having Restylane injections in Dec.

I also llive in Arlington, looking for a doctor who does this procedure.. I would love to know the name of your doctor? Thank you!
May I ask who your doctor is? I live in the area and wanted to get some lip injections done and wasn't sure who I should go to. Thank you for the referral!
Name not provided

If you don't have to work or don't mind using ALL your vacation time on this procedure, I'd say do it.

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