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The Worst Botox Experience EVER !!!

I had a botox 2 weeks ago, my eye is small, I cant...

I had a botox 2 weeks ago, my eye is small, I cant see the sun, get tired easy, like paralyzed, droopy. Im desperete, how long I have to be like this to get better, what happening after botox? what I should do? there is anything I can use? I did this to look better.

is possible to get better just waiting for the time? how long? or maybe won't get better, unless I take medication? what should I do?

Sergio Araujo Leite de Carvalho (Sergio Leite)

I have gotten botox done for 5yrs with another doctor ,no problems, due to change of plans this year,2009, I could not go to this same doctor, so I was referred by someone else to try this Dr. and ended up with a droopy eye!!!

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hello Justema the doctor did gave what I had pay back
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thanks for all the support after 2 months my eye started to get better.
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I hope things are better for you. Did your doctor offer any kind of assitance? Has anything other time helped?
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I totally understand. I had the same thing happen to me. It's been a long six weeks, but mine is almost back to normal. I don't want to scare you into thinking yours will last that long. My dr. says that mine lasted an unusually long time. I did use the iopidine eye drops. They did help a little. They're very expensive so it depends on how desperate you are. Good luck and I hope it resolves VERY quickly for you!
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Ask your Doctor to prescribe an eye drop known as iopidine which will help lift the eyelid for several hours when you have social occasions. Do not use it if you have glaucoma. The drooping eyelid (ptosis) will generally improve within 2 weeks.
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Dear missesteela, thanks for your words of encouragement I will hang there and hope for the best.
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