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I have been thinking about a Tummy Tuck since The...

I have been thinking about a Tummy Tuck since The birth of my son 3 years ago! I gained about 60 lbs while pregnant with him, I know crazy, and I only have myself to blame! I lost the 60 lbs before his first birthday and .. surprise :) I found out baby number two was on the way lol. I am very happy with my family and so proud of my boys.. but found it was difficult to embrace my new body :( I am not looking for a miracle.. I only want to feel comfortable and desirable again! I am very interested in Dr.Campos, the ladies who have gone to him have posted some amazing results with BBL. I am curious if anyone has gotten a TT with MR or breast implants with lift? I would like to get that done but am just wondering if any ladies out there can tell me about there experience, to help me make a well informed decision
Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! Definitely read through the mommy makeover reviews in this community and you will find lots of ladies who have done breast work with a tummy tuck. It's a longer surgery with a tougher recovery than just doing one procedure at a time, but is generally less expensive and then you just have one recovery. You're smart to do your homework. Research carefully and please keep us posted on your decision making process. :)
Hello! I went to Campos and he gave his famous hourglass shape with crazy curves! He knows how to shape a girl's body. His TT scar is very thin and straight...like a paper cut. He does grate work! =)
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DR.Campos? - I haven't spoken with him yet as I am early in the process, looking for the perfect surgeon. :)

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