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Juvederm Filler for Tear Trough - Mumbai, India

Hi all, Before i underwent the juverderm filler,...

hi all,
Before i underwent the juverderm filler, i had gone through this discussion thread and had mixed reactions and lots of apprehension for ging into the procedure.

However, Ive had the tear trough filling done 15 days back and the results are quite good. on the left eye, the filler has made my eyes look less tired and much fresher. however on the right eye, there is a small bump which my doctor has promised will go away when she meets me again to add a tiny bit more filler.

So i guess, the trick is to under correct at first go and then umprove the look after the 1st session has gone well.

fingers crossed,my second session will improve the look even further.

about the bruising: i think people who are too fair skinnen might have this problem more than others. Me being Asian (indian to be specific) has more earthy skin tone which hides the internal bruising.

Thanks a lot for all your comments and it really made ahuge difference having read all your views and going into teh procedure fully prepared for whats to come !

Thanks everyone and good luck ! :)


Hi Sony,
I am from Bangalore, happy to know that the treatment went well for you. I am planning to get the same done for myself too. Could you please give me the details of the hospital where you got it done and also the name of the doctor. I am also curious about the doctors reputation and experience. Information on this will be of great help. Thanks in advance. Morticia.
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HI sony, 

Based on the community it does seem that under filling first is better because you can always add, but it's hard to subtract. Have you gone back to your doctor to get the lump taken care of?



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