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I am a 20 year old university student and I am...

I am a 20 year old university student and I am considering breast reduction surgery after a breast exam at a woman's clinic. I have always had one breast larger than the other for as long as I can remember. No one ever noticed though, when i have clothes on and a bra you can't really tell, other than sometimes if I run or bend over one breast falls out of my bra a little, it kind of "pops" at the top, because my bras NEVER fit properly... which is very frustrating. I thought about reduction before but never thought I would qualify because I didn't think my size difference was that extreme. However, since a visit to a new doctor...who had never seen my breast before (no doctor ever has!) ... she seemed surprised at the size difference and asked if I had ever considered plastic surgery. I was STUNNED... I felt insulted actually because I didn't think it was THAT noticeable... SO I pretty much feel disgusting now and am more self conscious than ever about my size difference. I haven't been to the plastic surgeon yet or even had a consultation to see if I qualify for sure, but I am wondering if it is even worth it. In my own mind I don't know if my size difference is extreme enough to get surgery... but then again, it has always bothered me and having two breasts the same size (and smaller) would make life a lot easier. I have a lot of shoulder pain and my posture suffers from my large chest. I also hate having big breasts because people seem to think they are SO BIG!!! I really don't find them that big.... but... oh well. I don't know what I should do!

Hi JM. My breasts are pretty asymmetrical (check out my review for pics) and my bras are certainly a compromise between lefty and righty! That's not the reason I'm having a BR, though - I'm having the surgery to reduce my neck and back pain and to feel lighter and more proportionate. I think you'll find lots of people on this website who are delighted about their BR results and would do it again in a heartbeat. But it's worth noting that the surgery does leave scars, requires some real time off, and does sometimes have complications. So it's important to do it for YOU, and to be clear that you want the surgery.

So I think I have been in denial. After taking...

So I think I have been in denial. After taking some photo of myself I have realized that yeah, they are totally different sizes.... I showed some friends and they think I should pursue surgery. I will post some photos here to get more opinions.

Thanks for your review, JM. This really is your personal decision. If your breasts do not bother you, then I certainly would not get the surgery. There really is a commitment involved with the surgery and recovery and like se1f 1ove said there is always the risk of complications and there will be scarring. If your breasts are really not an issue for you at this point then I certainly would advise against the surgery. If however you are suffering from back/neck/shoulder pain I can tell you that my surgery certainly helped with those issues. Give yourself time to think about it, but do it only if you know it is what you want for yourself and no one else. Good luck!
Hi there, I'm in Nova Scotia as well!! I'm having BR on May 30th with Dr. Bendor-Samuel. I have been putting this off for almost 25 years. If you're unhappy you should do it now, while you're still young. But on the flip side, if its not an issue for you than don't listen to anyone else. Do whats best for you. good luck what ever you decide. :)
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