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Wish I Had Gone to Another Doctor - Mountain View, CA

I asked for more tip definition, narrowing, and...

I asked for more tip definition, narrowing, and smaller nostrils

after rhinoplasty, my nose looked shorter and my nostrils were cut uneven and nose was upturned.

huge botch job. He didn't seem to have real concern..blamed it on the way I healed.

If you go to his website, there are tons of fake 5 start Yelp reviews. If you go to the actual Yelp website, you will see that most of his 5 stars reviews were filtered out.

If you look at the actual real Yelp reviews remaining , it tells the true story of his multiple botch jobs.


I'm sorry you're not happy with your results. We'd love it if you'd post before and after photos so we can visualize what you're describing.

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Thank you for sharing your experience....people can learn from both the good and bad reviews that are shared. It's a crime what has happened to some of us. You're right...a revision is very expensive but I don't want to feel regret every time that I look in the mirror for rest of my life. I am afraid to go through all of this again but will do much better research next time around.
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Hi Faith2012
it was nine years ago, so my swelling is gone and I did not pick him based on Yelp (it was not around then). I just wanted to point out the fake Yelp reviews so others did not get swayed by it.

I went to three consultations One Dr. said it was too complicated and he couldn't do it. The 2nd doctor was cost prohibitive to me (8k). That's how I ended up with my choice.

To date I still think about my nose and am wistful every day that I look at it. I scrutinize it in photos and am fixated on how it looks. Back then, it took a long time to heal and at this point in my life , I now have a family and responsibilities that I can't take time off for , for something like this, and a revision would probably be 8k+, which I don't think I can spend on myself.

Thanks for your words
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