Liked It ! It's Been 6 Months !!! -Mount Laurel, NJ

I was curious to try it and weighed heavily on the...

I was curious to try it and weighed heavily on the reviews before I purchased it and realized I should pay it forward and share my experience with Latisse. I did see a dramatic volume / length increase in my lashes about 10 weeks in .... It has been pretty consistent since ! I found a way to make my bottles last way longer . I drop a drop into the divot on the tip of the bottle top. Then I dip my brush in it and can cover both eyes with one drop!!!! Never had any adverse effects or eye infections .... I actually read that tip from someone in a review my self :) advice. .... Be patient it takes a while. .... I should have taken a before and after pic. ... I did peak from week 12-20 then I lost a little of the length but still longer then before I started :)


Thanks for sharing.  Are you still using the first bottle?

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The second !!!! :) I got a bogo free :)

What- that's awesome!  I need to shop around for my next bottle and find someone doing a promotion :)


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