My Experience Tattoo Removal by Laser - Moscow, TX

10 years ago when i was a teenager i did big...

10 years ago when i was a teenager i did big mistake for rest of my life.... i did tattoo!!! so after all this years i decided to get rid of it.. so i did my first tattoo laser removal.. and i am really happy with the result.. my tattoo wasnt professional and it was not really dark.. so i think its will be easier to remove it


Oh boy, it looks like you really blistered up after your removal. Was it super itchy or uncomfortable, or was it not too bad?

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finally.. after my 1st laser treatment


Thank you for sharing your story with us. I made the mistake of getting one at fifteen and got it removed at eighteen. You have to forgive yourself for getting it in the first place and move on. Mine was removed about 40 years ago using skin graphing since that's all they had back then, and it hurt like hell. Well, at least when they became mainstream about 15 years ago, I didn't get another one. I still have a scar, but so what, lots of people got tattoos in their "wild and crazy" youth and lots of people had them removed. Anyone that didn't do something that they regret as a teen is a lier or a psychopath.
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Hey there, just checking in for an update, have you had anymore sessions? Thanks!

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it was fine..little bit itchy in the end but i am very happy with my results.. :)
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