My Experience Tattoo Removal by Laser - Moscow, TX

10 years ago when i was a teenager i did big...

10 years ago when i was a teenager i did big mistake for rest of my life.... i did tattoo!!! so after all this years i decided to get rid of it.. so i did my first tattoo laser removal.. and i am really happy with the result.. my tattoo wasnt professional and it was not really dark.. so i think its will be easier to remove it

finally.. after my 1st laser treatment

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Hey there, just checking in for an update, have you had anymore sessions? Thanks!

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it was fine..little bit itchy in the end but i am very happy with my results.. :)
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Glad to hear! It does look like you got a lot of fading!

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Oh boy, it looks like you really blistered up after your removal. Was it super itchy or uncomfortable, or was it not too bad?

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