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So far, so good. I was scheduled for the botox...

So far, so good. I was scheduled for the botox injections this morning at 9am. I was all prepped and ready to go by 9:15. At 9:35 I was getting dressed and leaving. Some of the injections were a little painful, but most of them I couldn't feel at all. Although I did not sweat at all today, my doctor told me it would take a week to see the results. I'll update next week.

I'm a week in to my botox treatment for...

I'm a week in to my botox treatment for hyperhidrosis. I think it is working really well, though it may take up to 4 weeks to see full effect. If it continues to improve, I'd say this is definitely worth the $1000. I even wore a bright orange shirt to work the other day to test it out- no sweat marks! It is funny b/c I brought a blazer along just in case (this is always what I do to cover the sweating), and I'm happy to report I didn't need it!

My derm told me there has been a lot of data to support that laser hair removal may also aid in lessening the sweating. I'm going to do that as well.

I would strongly suggest anyone considering this to move forward with the botox treatment. I only wish I had done it sooner!
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Hi Lilirose6! I'm glad that Botox was effective for your axillary HH. I have had it done before my palmar HH and it was amazing. For me, it only lasted 4 weeks though but I was able to get it done for free at the International Hyperhidrosis Society's CME last year and all it cost me was airfare.

They're actually holding another event this September 8th in Hoboken, New Jersey and, if your Botox wears off by then, you can sign up once patient registration becomes available and have it treated for free! They also have info on their page that might be able to help you get reimbursed for your Botox treatment (if you have insurance) or get another one for free or at a reduced cost (whether you have insurance or not).

About laser hair removal to reduce sweat, it may not work. The IHHS had a newsletter article recently about a user who (misguidedly) undergone the process and had no success with it. She did have success with miraDry though, which is a noninvasive procedure that destroys the sweat glands to give you lasting result without the risk that comes with procedures such as ETS surgery.

Unfortunately, insurance will not cover miraDry at the moment but, if you are planning on spending thousands of dollars on laser treatment or future Botox treatments anyway, this might be something that you might want to look into.

From someone who also has hyperhidrosis, I wish you the best of luck with your treatments!
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Thank you for starting your review right away. It will be so interesting to hear if you experience any sweating over the next week, or if it will be almost immediate for you.

Looking forward to your updates!

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Hi Megan,

It was pretty much immediate for me. I haven't noticed any sweating or odor from my underarm area. It is so nice! I'll update again how its going in a few weeks, and then when I feel as though I need to return for another treatment. Thanks!
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That is good to hear. It will be great to hear how it goes for you. :)

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