Definitely, THERE'S DOWNTIME! - Morristown, NJ

Unless, you can withstand pain then there will be...

Unless, you can withstand pain then there will be no downtime. I absolutely do not agree with the brochure. Today is my 5th day after my first procedure and I'm still in pain. Ice and alcoholic beverage helps but obviously not for long. Do I see any difference other than the bruises? Not yet but supposedly there will be. Well, I sure hope so. I love the staff and the place I went to but definitely won't be going for the second one.
Alcohol will irritate anything you do to your body--really BAD idea when recuperating from a procedure & trying to heal. The pain is caused by your defrosting nerves. Re-injuring by icing, is also a terrible idea. Your Dr should have offered you a nerve-blocker: Neurontin, for the nerve pain. Not everyone experiences this kind of pain.

I'm back to the gym!

I'm still in pain but not as much. I still have bruises. Supposedly, bruises may take 10-14 days to heal. Ugh, not a good look. I still use ice sometimes and I can assure you it helps. I'm trying arnica oil and eating a lot of oranges and carrots. LOL! I do not want to take any pills because I've taken enough before my back surgery.
I haven't changed my mind about the second procedure. I've been through enough pain in my life and I'm still young with a super busy life. I cannot have any downtime whether it's a day or two or five.

I'm glad you're up & exercising, good for you! Ice may physically "feel" like it's helping but it is only adding time to your healing, causing more pain than you already have to the process. Bromelain is great for bruising & can be found in pineapple.
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