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Hey everyone! I went on my first consultation and...

Hey everyone! I went on my first consultation and am more confused than I had expected. I went in thinking I would be getting 300ccs, moderate plus profile-saline, but apparently the dr had a different idea in mind. Since my son, it appears I have a little big of a sag to my breast and they droop. :( Horrible way of breaking the news. Harsh reality I guess. He told me that he would do no less then 350ccs but would recommend 400 or more. I'm looking for a C not a double d or even a d. I'd like them to be proportionate to my body. I gave my deposit yesterday and did the bold work today. In the meantime, I'm left with 3 take home implants - 375, 400 and 425. I am going for my pre-op on the 14th and have to make my decision then. I have posted my desires and current. Any comments would be appreciated.
sourapple, go with the bigger size. From your pics, that size looks good on your frame, you would carry them naturally. I don't know if I told you but my PS told me at my first consult he wanted to do 425-450 HP. I wanted 350 Mod. My surgery is today and I'm doing exactly what he said the first day. After all my research, he was right. They are the pros and if he thinks that would work best for you, trust him. Also, put in both sizers and walk around with them for a while. Remember this though, the sizers will not feel as secure as your implants will and you will lose 25-50 cc's going under the muscle. I tried on the 400 to see what 425 would look like.
So maybe the 400 then?
I would honestly go 450cc. I think 400 just might not quite be there. You can easily carry 450-500cc.

4 days away from pre-op

So I'm 4 days away from pre-op and am having issues trying to figure out the side I'm going with. I tried to make rice sizers today. I made a 350 and one that was 400. I'll post photos of both. I feel like the more I try sizers on, the worse I feel. What's the deal?? Help ladies. You have more experience than I do.

Pre-op (check) bobbies payment (check) pick size (check)

Hey ladies. So today was my pre op. What a day it's been. I spent my day sitting in front of my computer at work fantasizing about how the conversation would go with the plastic surgeon. The minute the clock struck 4, I ran out of the building. Sonic the hedgehog couldn't even catch me if he tried. First on my agenda, hit the bank. I find parking directly in front which is nearly impossible on these busy streets. I hurried on in and filled out the necessary withdrawal slip - 7500, Jesus. I've never seen so many hundreds. I couldn't help but tell the teller what I was doing with the money. "I'm getting boobsss" I blurted out in glee. She laughed and replied in a bubbly voice, "yay! I want to get my done". Lol. We shared a smile and small talk about what other than boobies. Lol.

Finally it was time, I headed over to the doctor to hand over the money and sign my life away for boobs. We talked everything over as I handed him over photos of all these boobies I found online. He told me I had over supermodel boobs but I myself don't have the same structure and that I need to be realistic about the end result. He then compared me to some guy he had in his office recently that showed him a photo of Brad Pitt and said, "I want to look like this"! Lol. I totally get it. My breasts are a little droopy and have lost some elasticity bc of the pregnancy. I told him that the photos I've been showing him are not only bc I like the shape but also bc I love the size. I want that size. So, all in all, after taking photos, we decided on a 375 implant saline which he can increase to 400 max if need be.

I am so excited. I got my prescription and antibiotic filled already. I also purchased a neck pillow, stool softener, going to make a soup the night before so I can eat that the entire time since it's great for digestion and getting the ice packs and vitamins tomorrow.

2 weeks and 2 days till the surgery. So happy!
Hi! I think you are selecting a good size. Would a small lift along w the implant make sense? Have you discussed that with your ps? I don't think you should have to go bigger just because you have sagging. Especially since your baby is only 13 months and your body is probably still making its way back to pre-preg condition. You might be a little closer to that "supermodel" look in a few months. Best of luck!! :)
Saw your question to the surgeons w the pic. I do not think you need a lift. You will look great! :)
Thank you so much. Yeah I don't need a lift. He didn't recommend one. 15 more days!!

Less than 48 hours

Tomorrow night at his time I'll be taking my antibiotic and getting ready for surgery the next morning. So nervous and yet so excited. I have all my stuff ready. Bottle tops have been unscrewed, all laundry has been done, grocery shopping for that family and extra baby supplies, all waxed, mani pedi, hair washed but will wash again, clothes picked out.... Yep, I'm ready. My only fear is that my boobs will look too big. I really hope not. I need to be more confident in the doctor and just trust he'll do a great job. Ugh, I hate having to trust someone I don't know. So scary. I hope I get some sleep tomorrow night. I need to be well rested, although I'm anxious now so I can only imagine how anxious I will be tomorrow night let alone the next day. Anyway, I'm just rambling on so I'll post Friday! Thanks ladies for your support. I'll be more detailed post surgery so that I could possibly help people. Ttyl!!
I'm so excited for you. I'm sure you will do great today. Hope to hear from you soon.
Good luck honey. You will do fine. Tomorrow is a big booby day for several ladies and then yours on Friday. By this weekend, there will be a lot more happy beautiful women. Sounds like you are as ready as you can be. These last couple of days can be nerve racking I know.

Piece of cake

Hi everyone. I had my surgery on Friday morning. I kept having to pee bc I was so nervous. Aside from the actual wait, the surgeon was 20 minutes late, not that I can complain since my bosses probably feel the same way on a daily basis. Lol. Anyway, I go into the OR and the doctor are going back and forth with harmless banter and next thing you know, I'm out like a light. I wake up at 1045, 2 and a half hours later. The first thing I say in recovery is "how long have I been out" the nurse responds with "15 mins, go back to sleep", so I did. I woke up an hr later with very little pain, if any, but couldn't help but want to throw up. The nurse gave me crackers and ginger ale, it didn't work. I had to pull the trigger and make myself throw up to feel better. Apparently and according to the surgeon, bc I'm so thin, the anesthesia will hit me harder than others. I threw up the remainder of the night and couldn't take the oxycodon bc of that same reason. I haven't taken any pain meds and I've felt completely fine. I do get some pain in my left breast but the PS said its normal. He ended up going with 400ccs in the right and 450ccs in the left. I was out and about the next day. People have compared the pain to their milk coming in, workouts, excruciating pain but I would say that it feels like someone giving you a big bear hug and not letting go. Sleeping on my back is the worse thus far. My back is sore from not being able to move around but I'll take it over the pain felt by some other people. I have posted a photo for your viewing. Still a lot of swelling but I saw them today for the first time so I figured id share. Let me know what you girls think. Thanks!
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Wow sour apple you look great for only a couple of days. I'm so glad you haven't had much pain. You new girls are real beauties!
Thanks red! I can't wait till they swell down. My left is really swollen in comparison and I have some pain in my left breast. I hate this band. Lol.
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