A Lifetime Dream Hopefully to Come True - Mooresville, NC

Here I just found this site today and have been...

Here I just found this site today and have been readn it for the last few hours. I am in Mooresville, NC and I am a mother of 2 (girl-14 and boy-7). I am about 5'5 and weightng in currently at 268 (thats after losing 15 pounds since the beginning of the year. I also am currently a 44DDD (I may be bigger just don't want to face it).

I have had big boobs since in high school and I know they are the first thing people see when they look at me. I also have had people tell me that I am blessed with them and that people would pay good money to have what I have. Well I also say the grass is not also greenier on the other side.

I had my first appt with the doctor to talk about the procedure. He is very excited about doing it. I would love to go to a 34C. The doctor thinks that will be a good size for me. So we took the pictures and sending them to the insurance company to get approval. So now I am in the waiting game.

I am 19 days post op and have gone from 38FF to 38C. All is well so far. My surgeon did advise me to lose some weight before I had the operation as it decreases the likelihood of fat necrosis. I did lose some weight but have still had a little bit of fat necrosis which he debrided. It does slow the healing process however. All in all I am very pleased.
Good luck with your procedure. Realize you will not be a 34C. A breast reduction will change your cup size, but not the number, which is measured below your breasts.
welcome! goodluck on starting your journey and getting approved! :)
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