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I started using Pro Activ, November of this year....

I started using Pro Activ, November of this year. I used it twice daily, applying it once in the morning and once before I went to bed. After I put on the 3 steps provided, my face would start to burn for and would continue for about 10 minutes. This was very disturbing. I figured this was one of the side effects I was experiencing, So I kept using it. About 1 week into it, my face started drying up really bad. It looked as if my skin was peeling. I started using some moisturizer, after the 3 steps. This helped a little bit, but my skin still looked awful. It was actually kind of embarrassing. At this point, I stopped using Proactiv. Even after I stopped using this product, my face continued to be very dry, but this was only for a few days. People told me that once I had stopped using it, I would break out again. It's been more than a week, and I have not got any more acne. My skin actually looks much better than what I had expected. It got rid of all my pimples, and reduced the size of all my blackheads/whiteheads.. All in a span of 2-3 weeks! I do recommend trying it out, because many people do not have these side effects and I may have just been allergic to it. Either way I think it works! Great product :)
Hey there, just checking in - it's been awhile since you used ProActiv and you mention that your face cleared up, was this a long term result - would love an update. 
Thanks for sharing!  I saw that you were happy with the results, I also noticed that you're still not sure how you feel about Proactiv.  Are you still happy with the results or have things changed?

Thanks for sharing, did a moisturizer come with your kit? 

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