More Complicated Than I Imagined

I had upper and lower blepharoplasty 3 months ago....

I had upper and lower blepharoplasty 3 months ago. The surgery itself was a breeze as I had general anesthesia.

The first 3 days were unpleasant to say the least. I looked like I had been in a boxing match and it was about 10 days before I stopped scaring small children, and my cat! I was not prepared for the blurred vision that felt like my eyes were looking through vaseline. The left eye cleared up after 4 days but the right persisted for 5 weeks! I was scared I had permanently damaged my vision.

I went to see my eye doctor and was told that the swelling from the surgery had put pressure on my conjunctiva. He gave me steroid drops which helped. My right eye would not close properly for about 8 weeks. The muscle where the stitch was put in would spasm when I went to close my eye.

The bags were removed from under my eyes but a filler was put in to stop a hollow appearance. Now I notice the crows feet which I did not notice before.


Thanks for the info about the vision, as I already wear contact lenses (glasses). Did your swelling go down into the rest of your face? Were the packs of peas large enough to cover your cheek area too? And, are the crows feet when you smile? Or are they because now you have an incision there? Or because you had them before but the extra skin was covering? I have crows feet when I smile, and I was hoping my incision wouldn't go out so far but it will because my ps said that he has to take it out to where there won't be a pucker.
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Glad you think it was worth it, but your story sounds so scary! I'm scheduled to have mine next Wednesday and I'm curious why you say it was worth it when your recovery was not pleasant. I'm so nervous. Can you tell me what you wish someone had told you before you had it done? Would you do it again?
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I was not prepared for the way I looked after surgery. My surgeon left the sutures long and then taped them to my face above and below my eyes as I had upper and lower blepharoplasty. I was not told about the blurred vision and that is what scared me the most. So if it is any consolation and you happen to have the same problem you will know from me that it will clear up eventually, 4 days for the left eye, 5 weeks for the right eye. The mornings will be your worst time and sometimes it would take 30 minutes for my vision to clear and be able to see anything so be prepared. Use the frozen peas to assist in clearing the blurriness in the mornings. I only took 4 days off of work plus the weekend and I should have taken another few days. Looking at a computer screen was hard for 8 hours and I had to use cold compresses every 3 hours. By the way, bags of frozen peas were a god send for me. Sleep elevated for about a week.
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