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Hi, I just did a zoom treatment about 5 hours ago...

Hi, I just did a zoom treatment about 5 hours ago and i have to say its extreamly painfull...i was crying before i wrote this message. actually got scared because its only getting worse but i found i few messages and see that this is common..its a constant pain as though my teeth are extreamly sensitive and theres nothing i can do about it...i will qrite again tomorow for an update i can only hope it will get better because for real its really bad..think twice

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This is a painful experience of you. Please take the proper treatment and tell us what you feel. I hope it will bring better result for you.
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I'm so sorry to hear you are experiencing so much discomfort. :( It definitely can be one of the side effects, and a major drawback to the treatment for those who experience it. The good thing is, most people say it goes away in about 24 hours, so hopefully it is about over for you.

Please keep us posted on how you are doing!!

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