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Updated Never Again Botox -Montreal

It has been 31/2 years since I was injected. 2...

It has been 31/2 years since I was injected. 2 surgeries after ( lower blepharoplasty with canthopexy after 1 year and suture of the muscle on the bone under my right eyelid after the second year) + fat graft on that muscle because the muscle was so atrophied that there was no fat on top of it ( 6 month ago). I still need another fat graft in two months. The whole ordeal was the wosrt experience of my life. I have to mention also the returning headaches without notices and the back pain and the urinary tract infections. I could be a few months without symptoms and all of a sudden, they all return.
The side effects are too important to start being injected. You NEVER know when you will badly react to that poison. I had it for 4 years before being sick!!!
I just hope that I will recover completely since the symptoms are less frequent than before.

I'm sorry to hear about all the things you've had to go through.  What areas of your face were you injected with?  How long after the injections did you start seeing the side effects?

I was injected in the crows feet, the bunny lines and under my lower eyelids. The side effects started one week post injections. It was an overdose of Botox. All the doctors that I consulted could not believe it. I looked like I had a stroke. Half of my face was down. Thanks to m'y son who is a surgeon, I was able to have a consultation with one of the best oculoplastic surgeon who had a lot of compassion and followed me for one year before doing m'y first surgery.

Oh wow.  Do you remember how many units were injected?  I take it this was your first time ever having botox? 

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