Breast Reduction, Tummy Tuck and Lipo!!! Scared to Death but Moving Forward! - Montreal, Quebec

I am 45 years old and the mother of two daughters....

I am 45 years old and the mother of two daughters. I have wanted a BR for years now and never had the courage to go for it, until now. I began researching the procedure and have finally decided to do it in the DR with Dra Robles! But I am very scared, nervous and still kind of unsure. It helps reading all your reviews and seeing the pictures, it is very encouraging and definitely makes it easier to make the decision to go ahead with this surgery! I am posting some pre-op pics, very hard to do because of course I am not happy with the way I look, but I feel like if I am going to do this then I might as well do it all the way! I read so many reviews from so many different kinds of women, and I sort of felt like an oddball because I am older (45), very tall, as white as can be and not really shaped the way most of the ladies who do this surgery are shaped!!! I see the after pics of all you lovely, shapely women and just hope that I will end up looking as could as you all do!!! But I want a flat tummy, a smaller waist, perky boobs and a fuller butt too!!!! I am in contact with Laura, Drs Robles assistant and am waiting for my quote and surgery I will keep you all posted!!!
Hi Kagart, you are younger than me! My reduction is on 16th November; I am pretty scared but am actually more scared of flying and I do that fairly often! I just know when my breasts reduce my tummy is going to be SO visible, so I am working on that at the moment .! I am 5' 7" and 166lbs (about 6 lb heavier than max for my height) so trying to lose 4 of those ahead of surgery and they'll take 2 more lb off me to my target! So I'm not big but always been a good medium. I have a 4 year old daughter who is looking forward to Mummy doing more jumping & skipping with her! Looking to go from 32J to 32C/D. That's going to make me smallish up top but I'm so looking forward to them not getting in the way anymore! Just so you know you're not the only Oldie on here!

You will do wonderful and we will all be here to support you.

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