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Hi! I am so thankfull for your reviews. I'm 22 and...

Hi! I am so thankfull for your reviews. I'm 22 and i've hated my nose for years. I tried to love myself the way i am for years but its not working. I go out and in of depression. My family is against it but i am just not happy the way i am. I've been thinking more seriously about surgery lately. Its my life and i would like to be myself and have a good selfesteem. I dont want to hold back anymore. I always try to hide my right profile and usualy never take picture from that side! From the front i feel ugly when i dont smile. I don't a big change. I just want to be pretty from every side...i don't want the final look to be too different. I dont know if what i want is even possible. Im waiting for more money before i see a surgon. i would love to look like i do in my good pictures from my left angle also. I'm so scared to not recognize myself or that it gets worst..
Hi There! I think you are so beautiful! Although you probably look in the mirror and see your nose, I look at your pictures and see your beautiful eyes! Your nose is not as bad as you probably think, but why not live happily? Why not fix something that really has affected you?! I am also located in montreal and did my surgery about a month ago. I am sad to have discovered this site only after my surgery. I think it would have helped a lot with questions to ask my doc and what to expect after surgery. I had an excellent doctor but had a very complicated nose. My tip was of the greatest concern... and I am patiently waiting (trying) for swelling to go down. Have you done a consultation already? If you have any questions or need help with some guidance you can ask me and I will try hard to help. My biggest advice is don't rush into it. I spent my whole life hating my nose. Since a child. I waited with anticipation for the day I got to have a surgery... I didn't do homework. I thought I did. But really, I didn't. I didn't ask around for opinions on doctors. Opinions of people that had surgery... I Didnt do many consults - I should have ........etc etc. I hope my tip changes DRASTICALLY. The truth is I think I some doctors are better with parts of the nose than other doctors. Everyone has their specialty. Figure out exactly what you want to have done and then find a doctor that is good with that. Of course, not everything you want can be done... but your 99% there if you find a doctor that is suited and well know for what you are looking to have as a result. Don't rush. I did. I regret it. SO much :(
Hi! Thank you! What doctor did you choose? I was thinking about samaha but i'm not sure. I can't seem to find other doctor in mtl that could be ok. You dont like the result so far? If its only been a month, you still have alot of time left for the swelling to go down!
I think im going to go for it. but like you said, im doing my research. im a perfectionist and i worry alot about everything so i really dont want to rush into it. its a huge decesion for me
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