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I am having my underarms treated with diode, and...

I am having my underarms treated with diode, and the full bikini done with yag. I paid $1300 for 7 treatments each area. I just finished my 4th treatment and I can say that so far, I am very satified with the results.

I read a lot of reviews that the bikini area was extremly painful. So after some consultations, I decided to use Elma on the area. I apply it liberally 2 hours before the appointment, and 30 minutes before I pop two liquid gel advil. All this prep makes the bikini area total breeze. I higly recommend this method.

I have to say now the underarms are the most painful since I don't use emla there, but its so fast that I just bite my lip and get it over with.
I am Indain (quite fair for an Indian). Olive skin tone and dark black thick hair (well it used to be!). The results are FANTASTIC!

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Hi Romeo, Where did you go to get your treatment? Was it with laser or IPL? I am having my treatment with Star Laser and they use IPL, but I am considering to change it for laser (Candela Gentlelase). Thank you
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Hi Kristy, I go every 6 to 8 weeks. I've heard that its very important to stick to this schedule to get the best results. I didn't deviate from that because I didn't want to take any chances on it not working.

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That makes sense. Well, please do keep us udpated on your progress, I hope it continues to work for you!

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Hi Romeo, welcome and thanks for sharing your experience with us, I'm glad everything is working so well for you! How long do you go inbetween before having your next session?

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