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Hi, i feel i got screwed by the doctor who...

hi, i feel i got screwed by the doctor who injected juvederm on my cheeks today. he said he charges me $600 for juverderm voluma compared to other doctors who charge over $700 for it. yet when he opened the box i noticed it contained 2 syringes. he only used one on me and charged $600. after googling i realized new boxes of juvederm contain 2syringes of 1ml each instead of 1syringe of 2ml. i think i got screwed. can anyone tell me if what the doctor did today was honest if not.. what should i do?

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I understand your confusion but you were not screwed IMO. Voluma used to come in 1 syringe of 2ml. But newer packaging comes in 2 syringes of 1ml each. $600 seems like a good deal for 1ml of voluma as it is typically around 800-900 per 1ml syringe
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juvederm does not come in a single 2 cc syringe. 1 cc is the largest.
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juvaderm xc comes in 2 sizes. 1 cc, and 0.4 cc. though it's not actually 1/2 of 1 cc, the 0.4cc is commonly refered to as a 'half syringe.' in the states, 1 cc costs around $500-$600 depending where you go, the half syringe costs $300-$400. you paid $600 canadian, which is around $500 u.s. if it was 1 cc, sounds like you got a fair deal. if it was the 0.4 cc, not that great a deal but be reminded in addition to the actual material, you're paying for the injector's experience and positive aesthetic abilities.
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Hi I paid £350 for 1ml of Juverderm Voluma. This was in the UK though and we always have to pay top price here because of the high taxes..I hate paying such high prices but I can't bear the awful gaunt look on my face without it :-(
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Sorry to hear you are wondering if you got what you paid for or not. Its never fun to have those sorts of questions in your mind. Do you mind me asking if you brought this up to the doctor who injected you?

Here are some Q&As that might help you figure out if you got what you paid for. It seems prices are usually per syringe, so the number of syringes in the box might not be indicative of anything:

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