Invisallign for Gaps and Better Alignment - Montreal, QC

Found a bit expensive compared regular braces. I'm...

Found a bit expensive compared regular braces. I'm trying to close gaps between teeth and have a better allignment. I was mentioned that Invisalign can fix my problem in a easy and fast way. Doctor confirmed me an average of 16 months. After prelminary visiti in April and May I finally received my sets of Invisalign on mid July. I started my treatment on July 16 2012. I need 16 months and 32 set of Invisaalgn to see the final result. Will try to keep you posted on a montly basis about results.


Thanks for starting your review at the very beginning of your treatment. How are you doing getting used to the trays? I know some people mention getting them on and off can be a real challenge at first. Has that been the case for you?

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