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Hi, I had my chin augmented by implant in...

I had my chin augmented by implant in Montréal 8 years ago in April 2006. Originally, the results were very satisfying, but gradually the implant began to erode into my jaw and within 5 years the effects were minimal. Today, only approx. 30% of the original effect is visible. Ideally, I would have to get it removed and have a new, larger implant installed, however, my surgeon at the time is now retired. Also, I was told it may be a complicated procedure due to tissue and ligament build-up surrounding the implant. Can anyone recommend a good surgeon in the NE (New England, Québec, etc.)?
Dr. Cordoba

Excellent, very professional

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What kind and size implant did you have? Have you considered a sliding genioplasty?
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Do you have pictures ?
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