Went from 390cc to 533cc - Montreal, QC

Hi I had changed my implants from 390 cc to 533cc...

Hi I had changed my implants from 390 cc to 533cc undermuscle, I was worry that they were going to be to big but I don't even see the difference...not sure why ? I also had LIpo at the same time should be even help me to look better but don't know why to me the look of the implants looks the same, I'm 18 days after surgery still sore and hard and my right side hasn't dropped yet

U got 510 cc I was expecting a big boobs. , my dr told me 510 is huge and I don't look big . I like like c cup ! I think since we are both tall we need more cc ! If I ever do them again I wi go 800 cc

I think I've heard estimations of about 125cc's for a "cup differential", give or take as everyone has different circumstances.  So that's prob why they aren't so much bigger like you were expecting.  It is hard to get both sides perfectly matched but Im sure the swelling is much more unpredictable when you go under the muscle with the settling and all.   Have you noticed some improvement yet?  Where did you have lipo?  You look very slender and fit!

The photos are at slightly difference angles, but I can definitely see that you look larger in the second photo. Here is a woman who had uneven swelling and dropping after 3 weeks. Hope it helps.

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