Dr. Rodriguez Really Greatly Improved my Appearance - Montreal, ON

I only have wonderful words to describe my...

I only have wonderful words to describe my experience with the procedure that was done on my face. At no time did I have any pain. The only discomfort, the swelling that was caused by the many other medical surgeries I had in the past. Such as brain surgeries for the removal of tumors. To my amazement, my appearance is now a great improvement from the before look.This of course has improve my self esteem and brightens my day to know that I don't look as bad as I did.

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So glad you are loving your results; that is amazing and I am very happy for you.

Thanks you for reading it and then acknowledging my letter.I would love to continue with Dr.Rodriguez in the future.There are procedures that he had suggested that would be helpful to my appearance.I'll never forget the faces of those two woman in the bathroom. when they looked at me so unhappy.after seeing my results.They could only wish they had the surgical talent of Dr.Rodriguez when they had their work done on their faces.The angels were looking down on me for sure.Thanks again, Doreen Wortham
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My daughter Amber just decided one evening to take me to have this procedure. It was the good grace of my Lord that I got Dr.Rodriguez. I am so very grateful. I would highly recommend Dr.Rodriquez to anyone. Dr. Rodriguez guided me wisely to chose the correct procedures that would best suit me. I am so appreciative and grateful that I had Dr.Rodriguez. Thank you so very much for helping me improve my life. The only thing I wish I knew before hand , that I should not have waited so long. And what else should I know and do that would be right for me. Your truly Mrs.Doreen Wortham Sept 4 TH 2012 Thank you

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