My Bump on the Right Side Has Appear Again. I Had a Nose Job 7 Months Ago. - Montreal, Canada

I had a nose job 7 months ago, in montreal, where...

I had a nose job 7 months ago, in montreal, where I live. I told the surgeon I wanted to removed my bump and lift a little the tip of my nose which went kind of downward. The tip of my nose is fine now and the result is getting better with time and most of all very natural. However, the right side of my nose where was my bump appeared like a few days after I had the operation.I'm supposed to see the doctor on February 1st, 8 months after the operation. Can I do sometimes about the fact that I asked him to removed my bump but it stills a litttle there on one side? What are the things that I can do, not forgetting I live in Montreal. Do you thing I can get an other operation for free because I did asked him to removed it completely and it still appeared on one side. Thank you!

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Thank you Angie for the comment. My appointment actually is tomorrow morning, I will tell him. Let's see what happens(I do want to have the best nose that I have).I took some pictures with my new cellphone but I couldn't uploaded. I will again later but for now I just waiting for tomorrow to talk with him because it's my first appointement in 8 months after surgery. Thank you again and have a great evening!
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Hi Beauty, 

Well, please keep us posted. It's always nice to be able to ask the questions that have been on your mind.

To upload photos you have to be on a computer or laptop, I'm hoping that changes soon, but for now, that's what RealSelf supports.

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Hi there! I'm not sure how Canadian health care works, but in the US I'm pretty sure you'd have to at least pay for OR and anesthesia fees. The doctor may waive his fee. You'll have to ask your surgeon and see what his policy is on this. I'm sorry your bump is still there. We'd love to see photos to be able to visualize what you're describing.

Thanks for sharing with us on RealSelf. I hope you can sort this out and find peace with your nose!

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