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IPL, V-beam, YAG Laser + Bleaching Cream - Montreal, QC

Hi, I have had a folliculitis 9 months ago...


I have had a folliculitis 9 months ago that has left several brown-red spots on my back and torso. I am faired-skin (I burn easily under the sun). I then went to see several doctors for different treatments:I have had so far:

-5 Ipl
-2 V-beam
-1 ablative yag 532 laser (all of these procedures were done by doctors from mcgill univeristy...)

all of these treatments prooved to be worthless. The hyperpigmented spots are still there. There is now diffuse redness in some places and I even got burned in many places on my last IPL which left additionnal hyperpigmentation.

I am using a bleaching cream Hydroquinone 4 % and tretinoin plus Hydro cortisone. It just seems to further irritate my skin... I am absolutely devastated psychologically and really looking for help.

I need alternative treatments and a competent doc to help me. I live in Montreal but I am willing to travel anywhere in north america to find someone who can help me gain my self-esteem back and fix my skin. any advice would me much appreciated thanks

Hi Jim,

I have been dealing with the same issues and am considering IPL treatments which is why I am on this site. Thanks for sharing your experiences and I understand your frustration.
I have stopped using topical steriods BTW as I was told by my latest derm DR. that they can thin out the skin over time making the condition worse. I am 30+ and very fair skinned. I use 15% pure zinc oxide cream ordered online at dermstore and have seen 50% improvement from this no long term side effects. I also just started neocutis neo cleanse exfoliating (normal-oily skin)and so far so good. I also did a Jessner peel last summer with some improvement . Overall about 60-70% positive results combined but I am hoping to manage the condition at 90-100%. I will post any progress and please continue to share the same. All the best.
Thank you so much for the update. I will give the zinc cream a shot.
Actually my condition since I posted this message has gottern much better (without doing or using anything) as I got fed up to pay big bucks and get my skin burned by incompetent doctors.
thanks again for the infos

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The doctor burned me in several places after IPL. He only said 'sorry' I forgot to put enough gel...

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