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I am on Invisilgn express and am just not on the...

I am on Invisilgn express and am just not on the first set of ten. The orthodontist said it was just a lot of very little movements that have been made. My teeth are not completely horrible but I I really want them to be as perfect as possible.The pain i experienced the first few days was horrible. But now amazingly enough theu practically pop in and out. I am dreading the next set cuz I'm sure they will hurt juast as bad at first. So I am goin to try to post pictures on here and i am really just wanting the opinions of anyone who has already finished or is almost finished with express invisilign. Do you think i my teeth will be much straighter with only ten sets?? I find it kind of hard to believe but you tell me!


I haven't had Invisalign, so can't answer your question.  My question to you was whether you're getting this from a dentist or an orthodontist?

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I am going to an orthodontist myself. And actually I only paid 3500 not 4000. So i'm gonna have to fix that.
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