IPL for Sunspots and Spider Veins

I had been thinking about laser treatment for a...

I had been thinking about laser treatment for a couple of years. I have a very tenacious sunspot high on my left cheek and some chronic redness around my nose(which were actually very small veins) that depite numerous over the counter treatments, creams, scrubs...etc would not go away and I had started having to use full coverage makeup to cover up for any length of time.

I have had one treatment with IPL three weeks ago, and after a little initial redness and darkening of all the sunspots on my face and chest( some places I didn't even know were there), the spots flaked off and the results are amazing. Twice I have gotten to work and then realized that I had forgotten to put foundation on.There is still very minimal redness around my nose, but this is barely noticeable compared to what it looked like before treatment.

I am a very fair skinned 42 year old woman, and this has taken at least 5 years off of my face. I have 2 more treatments to go, but I am already very happy I made the decision to do this.


Very experienced helpful staff. Really knew what they were doing.

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Hi Hhm,

Thanks so much for the review. Sounds like you had a really positive experience which we always like to hear. How long was your full recovery time? Do you know if you will have to do this again at some point or is one procedure pretty much enough? Did you have to use a special kind of moisturizer after? Do you have pictures? We would love to see how great you look!


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