Fat Transfer to Butt and Breast Augmentation - Mexico, MO

I really want a big round butt and some high new...

I really want a big round butt and some high new perky breast!!! The price I input above is only for breast implant and lipo transferred to the butt, I really think I will need a lift which I will find out the day of the consultation if so price will go up I'm also considering butt implants which of course will also bring the price up

22 years old 2 kids

Here are some body pictures. I weigh 140-143lbs before I had my second kid I was very big (183) so I lost some pounds got pregnant then right after came down to my weight now. I have never really been a stable weight which is a little scary when I think about getting the fat transfer and not knowing if it is permanent. I am really wanting a small waste big butt type of look

Boobs !!! These got to go

I am also considering getting a breast lift same time I go in to surgery for my behind because these things are just gross I've always had big breast since 6-7th grade and with me gaining and loosing then having kids they have deflated. I am currently a 34dd which I do see a little room in my cub so maybe even a little smaller, I always complained about wanting smaller breast but now I really think I want my same size just in a fake high perky version
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