CC Revision on Monday, Has Anyone Gone Through This?

Left breast gel/under Capsular contracture after...

Left breast gel/under Capsular contracture after initial 5 weeks post-op. Will get revision on Monday. Can anyone discuss a successful revision to ease my nerves?

Agreed, make sure you're getting a capsulectomy. Also note that your surgeon may ask you to do implant massage (after showing you how) in order to help minimize the recurrence of the capsular contracture.
just be sure you are getting a CAPSULECTOMY to remove the entire capsule and not a Capsulotomy (making incisions in the capsule surrounding the implants to change their position,this is an unsatisfactory solution for capsular contracture but is very useful to reposition implants that are too high)I had a capsulectomy done and feel that I am getting another capsular please prepare yourself that there is always a possibilty that it can come back!
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I really like my PS but signed the privacy clause, cannot discuss his name.

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