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Hi, before my surgery I was a small C.. Today Im a...

Hi, before my surgery I was a small C.. Today Im a 34DDD! Saline implants 360CC over the muscle. I have wanted them out since I got them 7 Years ago. Not only do I have to buy granny bras but in pictures I look heavy on top. It just does not fit my body.
I finally started doing some research and found this helpful website.. It informed me of all the different choices ! I can extract the implants and probably not do a lift(just can't afford it) I can just use push up bras :) a chance I'm willing to take !
I went to my first consult yesturdsy and they can do a removal and lift for about $7,500(can't afford tht at the moment ) or a removal for about 2,700$ (affordable)

PS mentioned I had a lot of excessive breast tissue and that it's not really my implant that is large, however if I am unhappy he understands, he said he can drain my implants at no cost but would like to remove them soon after. I heard you can live with deflated implants with no harm to you??? Anyway, I might just go for the deflation then removal later? It seems like the quick fix,but I am worried deflating will cause them to wrinkle?? Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated : will post pics soon- debbieDDD!

Hi there!

Removing implants is relatively safe and simple (though it does come with a price tag). Here's what doctors have to say about leaving deflated implants in your chest. You could have them removed later, too. The choice is yours!

Please keep us posted on what you decide to do.

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