Don't Use This Awful Product - Monterey, CA

I have been having fillers for years, and was...

I have been having fillers for years, and was excited when I heard that a filler for "fine lines" was available on the market. I used to have Collagen for the fine lines around my eyes, but I can no longer find a practitioner who uses it. Despite the claims of the manufacturer, I was left with Tyndall effect on both eyes, and huge bags where the substance pooled below my eyes. I don't think the product is thick enough to stay in the place where it is initially injected. Finally after six months, the bags are disappearing. I know it is not my practitioner as I have been going to her for years - I would have sued the company if it would not have involved her.
It depends on how it was injected..I would be looking to my provider wondering what they did wrong rather than the product. I hate to say it but this is the case,...
I'm sorry you didn't get the results you wanted and had to deal with pooling.  Did you ever talk to your doctor about it?  Just curious if she had any explanation as to why it did that.  Do you think you will go back to the collagen?
Yes, we tried 3 laser treatments with some success. I would definitely use collagen but I cannot find anyone who still carries it. My doctor had only just started using this product, and after the problems we had, she has decided not to stock it anymore.
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