Smart Lipo on Chin and Upper/lower Abs Scheduled for 3.8.11 - Montclair, NJ

I chose smart lipo bc of multiple reasons. One...

I chose smart lipo bc of multiple reasons. One being the proximity in price for coolsculpting (2500 for upper and lower abs) and smart. There is still no coolsculpting (zeltiq) for ones face yet. I am in very good shape, and have ran MARATHONS but still can't lose a double chin and have never seen abs. The summer of 2011 will be it, I can feel it......smartlipo combined w/p90x this summer and hopefully I will be shredded.

Ps. Pictures will follow

I went in a consultation with your doc...but he was very expensive and wanted me to rent a hospital room. Goodluck!
He DID A HORRIBLE JOB WITH MY SMARTLIPO!!!! I still have scars from his lipo when he told me, that was a very safe surgery and he was the BEST option. He is a liar and his smartlipo the worst thing that ever happened to me, He never told me i will fix the mistake that i made..

There's another RealSelfer who is also having abs and chin done that week. Here's his review. Maybe you can be lipo buddies. :)

Good luck with your surgery next week! 

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