Breast Implant Removal and Implant Replacement - Montana

The surgery took place 25 years ago. One of the...

The surgery took place 25 years ago. One of the silicon implants is leaking and nobody can exactly tell me how dangerous it is. The indication is removal and replacement. I live in Argentina and my Medical Insurance considers it a PLASTIC SURGERY and will not cover the new implant. It sounds like an amputation to me.

I have been invited by friends to have it done in the United States and I am collecting information to have it done.

There are a few things to watch out for with medical tourism (where you travel to have a procedure done in a country other than were you live). After care can be more difficult because you don't reside near where you had surgery. It's also more difficult to research reputable surgeons and facilities. Proceed with caution. But please do come back and let us know what you decide!

This came not as medical tourism but as the help of very generous friends. Seeing that our Medical System is so lousy that considers that I am looking for a Plastic Surgery and not a real medical indication they decided to take over and solve the problem for me. They are familiar with the medical community so the reputation will be chosen by locals. I will stay with them, near the hospital or clinic where they will perform the surgery as long as it is necessary. 1 week, 20 days, a month, whatever it takes until the doctors consider that I dont need anything else from them. I will post news once its done. Appreciate ALL the support that I am receiving from this page!
How about getting it done in Thailand? Very good hospitals and surgeons there and cheap. Sorry to hear you ate going through this. They don't last forever though.
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