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I have always wanted to have a breast...

I have always wanted to have a breast augmentation, but never Had the time or the money. Well I went to a couple consults and chose a Dr. and a date, Aug. 13th, my girls are paid for. We are set for take off. I have been doing a lot of research, looking at a lot of breasts. Decided on a DD. I am currently a 36B, but I wear a 38B. I am currently in the process of dropping some weight down to 156lbs. Hoping to get down to 145lbs before surgery. I am hoping that the size I chose will fit my frame 5'4". I will be posting before pics in the near future. I am super excited. I have waited 14 years to do this. Turned 40in February. Any pre-op suggestions e.g. what to wear, morning of, day before..…

Congrats nicki! Im so excited for you. Please keep us posted!

Happy 40th! What a great birthday present to give yourself.

You might want to check out this article about what to set up and buy before surgery.


My BA is in 5 week. Getting nervous, but excited....

My BA is in 5 week. Getting nervous, but excited. Im using my vacation t get it done and recover. Do you think that will give me enough time.

I am looking for a post op bra or sports bra, any...

I am looking for a post op bra or sports bra, any suggestions. Surgery is 5 weeks away! Can you say excited
Who did you go to in Monroe Michigan ? I'm looking for someone close to me with quality work for my BA . Hope all went well for you :)
I bought 2 of the Hanes zipper front closure at Sears. They are comfortable and right now on sale where I live buy one get one 50% off. If not on sale ask the cashier for a discount I did (mine were not ion sale) and I got one of mine for $7.00 for opening a Sears charge. The front zip ones are great in the very beginning or of you feel you need more support at certain times. Another great one is the Genie bra. I bought a 2 pack at Walmart and they are comfy. I am wearing one in my after picture. . I like both though as I feel they are not too supportive to prevent of inhibit my dropping and fluffing. I wear a strap for 3 weeks and I usually just wear that to bed at night alone. I have many tips in my review. I have had a great recovery so far, I hope and wish the very best recovery for you! I am 48 soon to be 49 and love this B-day present to me as well!!!

Oh, for the surgery day I wore yoga pants with one of my zip front bras (didnt fill it out yet, lol) and a front button short sleeved top. I liked having the bra on after the surgery to wear home the compression felt good and helped with the swelling. Some places give you a recovery bra, you need to ask them.

I brought with me in the car, a airline blanket (light weight but effective) and neck pillow, stool softeners to take with first pain meds, Arnica cream to apply in recovery - (I didn't have any incisions on the breast), and Sea Bands to avoid nausea which they allowed me put on before surgery and I didn't take them off for about 4 days - avoided the nausea so many complain of. I I had an hour drive home and my Finacee went to get frozen peas while I was in recovery. I took a Vicodin when I got in the car with a stool softener.The night before I used a fast acting (15min to an hour) laxative. I hydrated well 2 days prior and drank 10 bottles of 12oz or water through out the day before. I started eating dried plumbs (a.k.a. Prunes) one or two with every meal a few days before and still do. I totally avoided the constipation so many complain of.

Couldn't eat or drink past midnight so I downed a glass of water at 11:55pm ;-)
I have had an amazing recovery and love my new look!
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