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I remember being like 8 or 9 and thinking.. "I...

I remember being like 8 or 9 and thinking.. "I can't wait till I get BOOBS!!!"... Then I literally woke up one day around 10 and BAM.... BOOBS!!!... Like straight from nada to between A and B cup.. and promptly to a C cup by 11.. and stayed that way for a Loooonnnggg time.. And then I got to about 5'4" and quit growing taller. Then I wasn't fitting into my 36 C's properly but D's were too large and discovered I needed a 34D.. Had probably been wearing 36C for several years before I knew I was wrong. They weren't huge, but have always been saggy. Like REALLY saggy.. I have Zero kids to this day either. Well, I gained a bunch of weight in my late 20's.. boobs got to be about 38DD (probably larger at one point, but I refused to go larger.. again) Well, I've lost 30 lbs (give or take) and the girls have stubbornly stayed in the 38DD size. I always wanted 'nice' boobs... i.e.. med sized, perky,...I have some back pain and the bra's hurt. I also have arthritis in my neck and thought a reduction might help.. I FINALLY approached my PCM about it and he put the request in for my insurance. They approved in less than a week and I had my first consult 2 weeks later.. It all happened sooo fast!!!. I met with the doc in October 2012 and then HE had to agree that a reduction was necessary and tell my insurance what his recommendation was for removal (300 grams on one side and 400 grams on the other.) Got the go ahead from insurance 2 weeks later. Could have scheduled my operation for before the end of 2012, but didn't want to recover through the holidays.. So, scheduled it for February and voila..

Tomorrow I will be 3 weeks post op. They aren't exactly 'pretty'. I still have some of the same issues I had before. (ugly/deformed nipples) but the doc plans to fix that issue next week as best he can. I don't have any Pre-op pics right now.. Will try to get the pics the doc took.

Louisville Facial Plastic Surgeon

The Dr my insurance approved to use.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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Hi BBRO, Thank you for posting your review. I love your new boobies!! They look like a perfect perky size for your frame! Good that your PS wants to work with you to help you achieve what you are hoping for as far as fixing your nipple, but, honestly, I think your boobies look Great, and I love the size! You are still at the beginning of the healing process at 3 weeks, so your body is working hard and healing lots. I keep reading, time and again, how everyone (as typical women) overdoes it a little during the first few weeks. I'm sure I will be the same way. I'll have to make an extra effort to rest lots at first. I think it's good that we all help to remind each other how important it is to rest as much as possible during the beginning stages of healing. So rest, rest, rest, as much as you are able to and transition back into your regular activities as slowy and gently as possible. Keep us updated!
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Yay - love your review!! Thanks for posting!! I think you look great and you are definitely showing very clear signs of healing!!! Thanks for telling us about the week two leaking. I needed to hear that. I feel so good I'm almost tempted to go back to regular life. You have pushed me back to reality. ... Are you the one who was worried you thought you were an A and are too small? I think you are a B-C. You look perfect!!! Thank you again for posting and sharing with us. It's a big step to post naked boobies online. You're awesome! :-)
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It wasn't me thinking I was too small. i am very happy with the size. Thanks for the support.. :)
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Your pictures look normal to me... I have seen many on other sites as well. There can be substantial bruising... I had that. It can take a bit longer to heal sometimes with that bruising. Nothing to worry about! You look great. Canadian Lady, the nipples can bruise sometimes or be traumatized. My left one was, but it is healing up great and looking so much better. Your size is perfect, and I think you will be very happy with the outcome. Again, don't let that bruising scare you. AND- you may get MORE bruising appear in the next week or so (happened to me). Don't freak out, it will heal fine. Talk to your PS, of course, to make sure all is on target, and if you have any concerns. The slight bleeding from the bottom incision is normal, unless your breast is swollen, red and you have a fever. I had that too :-) It is ALL better now at 3.5wks. xoxo Jazzy
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"I had that too", meaning the slight bleeding NOT an infection! Lol! You are doing great! Relax, let your body heal. I am a big believer in vitamin C after my BR experience. Make sure you are taking enough- it helps with healing and blood flow. You really look great- you will be SO happy!
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Did your doctor say why your nipples were like that? I think over all you look good and the size us nice. I hope you are not offended but what will he be doing to fix the nipples. Sorry I am diabetic and so worries about nipples lol
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The one is purple because he drew on it that day at my post-op appointment. It's the one he has to 'fix'. He has to cut some of it off to reshape it. I never leaked at all until almost 2 weeks after my surgery. It was a lot of leaking and started and ended with my period. Everything is good now. Except my nipple.. lol..
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Hi glad everything went ok today makes me three weeks post op dr McGuire did my surgery as well
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Oh really? In Monroe, LA? Sweet! How do you/did you like him?
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