Monkey Face Goatee Ballooon After Radiesse

I just had radiesse yesterday at a medical spa. I...

I just had radiesse yesterday at a medical spa. I used the same nurse that did my restalyn and botox. My face kind of looks flat below her nose and around her mouth in the nasolabial area and when I smile my top lip seems frozen and thin.

Restalyn was definetly better for the nasolabial folds since it is not mixed with lidocaine, restalyn did not make my face swell up. I feel like that entire area of my face is inflated and square shaped. Like a have a goatee balloon inserted under my skin. I would much rather have my wrinkles back.

I also had botox on my forehead lines which I've had before and it looks taught and line free, however, I wanted my crows feet done this time and I regret that. When I smile now, the skin is tight around the crow's feet area creating a more hollowed out effect below my eyes and more of a wrinkle "pool".

I would recommend botox on the forehead only and restalyn (or similar hylaronic acid product) for nasolabial areas if you want to have a natural look and avoid the monkey face.


Word of advice....never have anything done at a Medical Spa! You need to find a good plastic surgeon that knows what their doing. I made the mistake of going to a Med Spa...never again! They do not have the experience, that is why they are working at a spa. Any doctor can perform procedures if they have a Doctors license minimal training...very scary!!!
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After a few days, the Radiesse did look nice and...

After a few days, the Radiesse did look nice and lasted longer than Restalyn. They are both good products.

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I chose Radiesse and to do the botox on my crow's feet.

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