Stretch Marks Remaining After TT

Hello ladies, i was wonderng what can i do about...

hello ladies,
i was wonderng what can i do about the remaining stretch marks after i have my TT i was already told some above my belly button and om my hips will remain :( any suggestions of what helped or worked for yall? I haven't yet went through with the surgery im still doing major research everyday.. need to make the right decision. I've considered Dr. Salama to do a TT breast lift and breast augmentation for 8,900 oh and with saline implants instead of silicone. help please with anything..


I will tell you I DO STILL have my stretch marks also but it is SOOOO much different with the extra skin gone.. Look at my photos. I had a LOT and when I would lean forward ( need to get a mental picture) I would have the tumm hanging that reminded me of a mama dog that had a LOT of litters.... I mean I would literally have two flaps hanging  ancored in the center by the Belly button if that makes any sence. But with the skin tight and the "loose" removed the remaining marks really ar not a big deal AT ALL. I have a Belly Button again and so will you. If you have any questions PM me... the marks will get red with the initial swelling of the TT but then they fade.. even my DARK ones really are no big deal now.... I LOVE my tummy and I think you will too. Palmers oil DOES help soften things so I do still use it on my scars... but one year later (almost) I would TOTALLY do it again!
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I still have my stretch marks but without all of that loose skin under them I think they are actually quite fine. Think of them as tattoos with better stories behind them :-)
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Thanks so much for starting your story on RealSelf! I'm not sure where you're located, but you can use the Find A Doctor tab above to find surgeons in your area who perform mommy makeovers.

Please keep us posted throughout your journey! When are you hoping to have surgery?

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