Seroma Drainage Makes Me PASS OUT!

The tummy tuck procedure repaired muscle...

The tummy tuck procedure repaired muscle separation and removed extra skin. I also got rid of tubular breasts by the addition of great implants! Hooray! Maybe I got a seroma because I had lots of lipo to my flanks and an extended Tummy Tuck?

I developed a seroma two weeks after surgery. It has been drained twice and is not infected. Each time, I get really woozy, dizzy, nauseous, and nearly pass out. I know I'm a whimp about this simple little drainage procedure. What can I do (or take) to get me through the next several drainages? I tried a valium and it didn't help in the least. (P.S. The pain aspect of the extended TT and BA was really not an issue for me, so I'm not always a whimp!)

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Hello everyone I live in Maryland, and have been investigating the mommy makeover for several months. I'm looking for a board certified surgeon in my area that fits into my budget. I want someone that has been used by someone in my area that I could possibly speak with. Can anyone help? My budget is about 10,000. I know that may not be much for what I want, but that's what I have, otherwise I'll have to wait another year or two to save the money. My husband does not want to finance. Help!
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My doc had me lie down for the procedure, but his associate wanted me to STAND! NO WAY! But, that was so long ago now. I am so completely healed and thrilled!
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Sounds like good advice from Dr. Aiello. Please let us know how you're doing. We love updates.
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I am assuming that you have the seroma in the abdominoplasty region. If so this shouldn't be too painful if the needle is inserted in the skin that was lifted above the scar as it is usually very numb and will be so for many months. However getting dizzy and light headed is often due to a vasovagal reaction where your blood pressure drops and you experience the above symptoms. This is often because of the thought of you having this done and not the actual needle stick. The best thing is don't watch, don't ask a lot of questions, close your eyes and lay flat with a cold compress on your forehead. Goodluck

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