Full Tummy Tuck and Breast Reduction - Salem, OR

I have had 2 c-sections, 20 months apart. I also...

I have had 2 c-sections, 20 months apart. I also breastfed both of my kids for approximately 14 months each. I am having my full tummy tuck (including flanks) and a breast reduction this week. I will go from a 38H hopefully down to a D. My pre-op weight is 200 lbs.

I am seriously considering having a tummy tuck, i live in salem oregon and am trying to do some research, i am wondering prices, payments, risks, post op recovery time and if its a good outcome, i have had two c-sections and have lost 40 pounds since my last pregnancy 2 years ago. i want to do something to make myself feel better and i feel this will be what will do it... any advice? i wanna be in a bikini next summer :) i have the excess skin from the c sections, i work out at a gym and it isnt effecting the "apron". please share your advice it would be greatly appreciated, thank you!
i am 200 pound and i will have same surgery in 4 week but i am so nervios because i have a baby 12 months old can you gays help me and tell me about recovery time
I'm doing pretty well, 8 days post op. I'm having trouble with my drains irritating me, but other than that it isn't terrible. I'm down to 184 lbs, and can definitely see the results will be good. My breast reduction was like a walk in the park. All the pain is in my abdomen, but getting better every day. I had difficulty with the first narcotics they gave me, so I switched to percocet. I'm only taking one every 6 hrs because they tend to make me feel nauseous. I'm really mentlaly ready to get up and go. So much around the house that needs to be done, and I miss picking my kids up.
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