30 and Ready to Be Me Again!

I have 3 beautiful boys (12, 9, and 3). Decided...

I have 3 beautiful boys (12, 9, and 3). Decided that a girl isn't in the cards for me, so my husband and I decided we are done having kids. We started our family when I was 18 and although it was a struggle we are one few who make it and really enjoy each other.

I'm 5'0, 120lbs, hispanic, and just turned 30 (I like to say 20 - 10). Having my kids wrecked my stomach and I nursed them, so that deflated my boobs. I decided if I was going to finally do something, now was the best time.

I feel like I am in the best time of my life. The kids are a little older and help my husband and me with our 3yr old. I've been researching for a while. I went on 3 consults and decided on Dr Sugene Kim. I felt the most comfortable with her staff, her office and her.

Decided to go for it July 1st.

I went to my preop, I'm getting a breast lift with implants and tummy tuck. My stomach is fairly flat, but there is just loose skin.

I decided on 425cc / I hope I made the right choice. I want them to look nice and full.

Last week before the surgery went by in an instant. I didn't have time to be nervous, just excited. I was nervous when I woke up the morning of the surgery. All of a sudden it was here.

The surgery took about 5 hrs. After the surgery I woke up pretty groggy. First nite home flew by, just slept the rest of the evening. Day 2 was a little better. I was able to join my family out side of my room. Still sleeping a lot. On day 3- today is really good. I'm making sure to take my meds, now I am starting to take tylenol durning day. Got dressed, sat in living room most of day. Several naps.

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How much was it and did u have to pay all at once or was there a payment plan
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Thanks. Recovery has been really good. Much faster than I expected. Great results.
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Glad to hear everything went so well. It is such a amazing to feel "your best" again, i know. Happy healing! :)
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Congratulations and welcome to the site:)

It sounds like you have had a very positive experience and I am happy for you.  Thank you for sharing your story with all of us. 

Keep us up to date on your progress and do post pictures is you are comfortable doing so.

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