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I had about ten of my moles removed by laser...

I had about ten of my moles removed by laser overseas. The appointment literally took fifteen minutes and all my moles were essentially buzzed off. I even had a couple of deep rooted moles that they burned off.

Now it is looking pretty good.

so after 5/6 weeks they are mostly healed? i'm on 3 weeks and am worried because i still have the dark red circles. i'm trying to be patient. sounds like i had the same thing done. i used plastic and biafine for a week and am still using biafine. she used vbeam to help with the redness a week after. i did this for cosmetic reasons and hope i didn't make a mistake. it looks worse now.

Hi Pro,

Welcome to the Mole Removal community. Wow, 10 moles that's great. Did they both laser them off and cut them off? Did you have any pain or need a few stitches from the procedure? Please keep us updated and if you are comfortable sharing pictures we would love to see them.

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Hi Britt,

These 10 moles were lasered off. No stitches were needed though they gave some very precise instructions in how to take care of the wound. They put plastic around it for 48 hours. no sunlight. Then for the next 5 days daily lotion rubbed onto it and keep it moist. I am about 5-6 weeks out and the areas have really healed up. There's still a little darkness from where they buzzed it off but it is getting lighter and lighter.

As for the pain you mentioned, I didn't feel a thing. They put this numbing cream on my face for 30-45 minutes before having the laser treatment. Otherwise yes, I think it probably would hurt.

I had one mole removed by excision before. It was a huge one I was most worried about so I got it tested in biopsy.
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