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VI Peel - NOT Pain Free

This is NOT a PAIN FREE peel. Got Vi Peel on Wed....

This is NOT a PAIN FREE peel. Got Vi Peel on Wed. Slight redness. Thurs look slightly sunburned; applied Retin A towelette @ night=burning sensation/itching. Fri - slight peeling/redness; applied Retin A towelette = face on FIRE, took benadryl to decrease discomfort.

Saturday extreme peeling, constant discomfort, burning sensation.

Today, Sunday, no church for me due to appearance of SEVERE sunburn, area around eyes swollen, skin "shiney", neck itching, took benadryl to releive. Again, this peel is painless at application but not thereafter. A "slight-burning sensation" is not a description for it. Your face feels like it is on FIRE. Hopefully results will be worth it! I will keep you updated!

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You must have a very low pain tolerance! I guess everyones different
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Did you NOT use the moisturizer and Hydrocortisone like you were instructed?? There is a reason you are told to put the moisturizer on 3 times a day and to use a mild (1%) Hydrocortisone cream if itching occurs.... non-compliance on your part shouldn't be blamed on the product or procedure. If your office did not tell you about the moisturizer or Hydrocortisone, then you need to confront them.
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I received my first peel yesterday (Mar 25). My provider told me not to use the moisturizer unless the discomfort became unbearable. That's weird your provider told you to use it 3 times a day. My face is bright red and tight but no pain. I look like I had a 20 minute session in a tanning bed and forgot to cover my face.
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Actually Yes I used both!
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Ha! I used the hydrocortisone cream and the SPF 50. I found the sunscreen to be soothing the first 4 days. Today is day 5 and I can no longer apply either one of the products as it burns sooooo bad!
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where did you do the Vi peel?
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