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Tummy Tuck Necrosis Hurts - Modesto, CA

I too have the nerosis of the skin after my tummy...

I too have the nerosis of the skin after my tummy tuck Im pretty upset, I no smoker no drinker,33 years old I worked hard to lose wt 70 lbs total worked out and ate good. I have three kids and was hoping to be back on my feet I am 4 weeks after and now I am gaining wt and I am hurting the only part that hurts is the nereosis. My PS sees me every week says its healing I put silvidine on it and wash it with wound wash and I tape gauze that feels like sand paper, no charges but my black part chips away and all I see is raw painful under Im sick of this! What is a wound vac? does it help I have a life I need to live and I am gaining wt sitting around on my butt. My PS said he would redo it if heals ugly that is somthing I have to think about I paid 8,000 would like to have my results good but I am scaredthe same thing might happen.


You're from my hometown Modesto. How are you feeling after a couple of yrs with your tt?
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I am so sorry to hear you are having such a hard time with this.  It sounds painful and miserable!  I sure hope you heal up quickly. 

Have you looked through the Q&A's on the site or asked any questions of the MD's on the site?  It may help to have a few opinions from other doctors to make sure you are receiving the best treatment for this problem.  I have a little OCD when it comes to research so always want several opinions on anything.

It might help to also post pictures of the problem site so the docs can see exactly what you are referring to. 

I hope you heal quickly so that you can get back to your life and routine.

Hang in there.
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