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I am 3 weeks post op and wondering why my left...

I am 3 weeks post op and wondering why my left boob has dropped significantly and is softer & round while my right is smaller, higher and firmer??? (My left breast is naturally bigger) I'm not sure why its taking so long to drop or if its cc?? please help!

5'3 125 lbs mother of 6mos old, breast fed for 3 mos.

650cc Mentor smooth round gel implants

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Hi!, I am having the same problem, although, yours still might drop. I have no hope of mine dropping anymore because it's been almost 4 months since my BA. I am going to see my PS on Monday. Got a second opinion today and it doesn't sound good. I will need a revision. I really hope my PS can fix them because I do not want to pay another 4000 to another DR. Good luck to u!
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I do not have a picture of myself but one of my breast is bigger and lower on my right side, I really am scared that I wasted all my money just to not be happy, I think that they should revise surgeries for free if you are not happy but a plastic surgeon will say just the opposite, I am a little over a month post opt any advice to get my left breast to drop quicker?
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hello im writin to send a few words of encouragment..i think u look good so far and im sure its only gona get better...from what ive herd (from my mom who had hers done) and many people on this site is that it takes up to 3 ta 6 months 4 the implants to truly settle..some people even longer i no how u feel cuz i feel the same way but we have to b positive or we'l drive ourselfs crazy..and anothr thing ive herd is because the doc operated on 2 different breast its likley they will heal at 2 diff rates..the people who get lucky and heal quickly and at the same rate r the rarity n we r the norm keep ur head up n i no in time u will look absolutly beautiful n love ur new boobies... keep me posted sweetie...
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thank you for your reply! I have my 2nd appointment on the 21st, I h iu nestly think I shoulve gone bigger on my right breast to make it symmeteical since my lefts larger. ....
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Hm, those are large implants for your frame. It's possible that one of the implants just hasn't dropped yet. But it seems like at 3 weeks they both should have. I'd suggest talking to your surgeon about this. You can also post this as a question to doctors on RealSelf (and include your photo).

Hope this helps!

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