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Tummy Tuck W/ Lipo May 13, 2010 -- Make Sure You Have Help First 48 Hours

Surgery was 5 days ago, I still have to sleep in...

Surgery was 5 days ago, I still have to sleep in the recliner. I ache all over. Major bruising from armpits to tops of thighs. Moving, changing clothing, sitting on the toilet is very painful. Thankful for the crotchless girdle. Wished I had rented a hospital bed and a lift chair.

My D.H. has been wonderful. He did not sign on for all this, did not want me to do it, but he has been so helpful. I am not sure what I would have done if I did not have help that first 48 hours. He was emptying drains, giving me pain meds, helping me to the bathroom every 3 hours round the clock. Still unable to stand straight and still in more pain than what I thought I would be. Hopefully in the next couple of days, I will round the corner.

Updated on June 1, 2010:

19 days post op. First 48 hours make sure you have help around the clock. Make sure you have a crotchless compression garment for post surgery to decrease the amount of pulling and tugging when going to the bathroom. Buy a second garment so you can alternate them, you will be wearing these 24/7 for minimum of 6 weeks. You and your recliner will become very close the first 7-10 days, you will live there, make it comfortable. The first 10 days I was having second thoughts about the surgery, but now am glad I did it. I love how my clothing is fitting (even with the swelling that is still present), and no rolls when I am sitting. My stats 5'7, pre-op 192#, post-op 185#.

I called to make appt, and was told they wouldn't honor the free consultion even tho that's what stated on the website
It takes a while, that's for sure. Hang in there ladies. It'll be worth it in the end. And we'd love to see pics if you feel comfortable sharing them with the RealSelf community.
I had mine done same day plus breast augmentation. Went to store today for first time to get shampoo. I am doing pretty good and I am off all pain meds except tylenol. But it was more painful then exdpected.
Mobile Plastic Surgeon

Dr and his staff very informative, pleasant, reassuring. No complications from surgery. Pain adequately controlled.

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