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I received Restylane for under eye bags and I am...

I received Restylane for under eye bags and I am so disappointed and embarrassed by the results. When I initially received the filler I thought it looked great. The next morning I woke up with a lot of swelling and bruising but was ok with that because I was told I would have some swelling but not to the extent I had it. After three days the swelling and bruising subsided for the most part but had minimal swelling. Day five it looks like the bags has lowered and now I have more visible dark circles around my eyes. Everyone is now asking am I resting and am I ok. I was still hopeful until Day 10 my eyes are so swollen I called the Dr. And went in for a check up. He prescribed sinus medicine for 7 days. It's been almost a month my eyes are still somewhat swollen, rather than looking refreshed I look extremely tired and I don't know what to do. I am scheduled to go back on February 14 for another check up and is thinking I want to reverse this but after reading reviews I'm confused.
I feel bad for you. My situation is similar to yours. My eye troughs were not that bad at all and I just wanted to look a bit refreshed. I had a half syringe of restylane injection almost 3 weeks ago. Immediately after the procedure and on the second day the area looked fine and was pleased with the results. I had no bruising or swelling at all. But on the 3rd day I noticed those bumps (like eye bags) in the are where I received the injection. I thought it was swelling but after 2 weeks they were still there and got concerned. I went to doctor who injected me and he massaged the area and it looked better for a couple of hours but then the bumps reappeared. He told me I should wait another 2 weeks and if I'm still unhappy then he can dissolve it. But like you, I'm concerned about side effects if it's dissolved. I wish I didn't do it because I feel that I paid money to have eye bags! By the way how much restylane did your doctor put there?
I'm sorry you are dealing with this!  I hope your doctor has a good suggestion and explanation, no one wants to pay money to get eye bags.  Is this your first time trying filler?
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